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C1 Course Evaluation Form

Academic Year 2011-2012
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Scale the following that correspond/s to your level of agreement or disagreement with each statement.

SCALE: SD-Strongly Disagree  D-Disagree  N-Neutral  A-Agree  SA-Strongly Agree

1. Our classroom facilitator provided us w/ sufficient information about the course.
2. Our partner local organization/community provided a satisfactorily adequate venue during our exposure trip to the area
3. Our section/group has become more cohesive because of our efforts in C1.
4. I have gained better appreciation of doing community service work because of this course.
5. This course helped me internalize the ideal relationship between myself & fellow humans, my country, other creatures and God.
6. Our classroom facilitator raised questions and provided inputs that helped us refine our project proposal.
7. The partner organization and/or community was involved during our project planning session.
8. All the members of our section/group were able to contribute to the realization of C1’s course objectives.
9. The project we have identified will be worth spending time, money, and efforts for.
10. Our class exposure trip helped me a lot in generating ideas for our community class project.
11. Our classroom facilitator ensured that group and individual roles in during class activities were clearly defined and understood.
12. Our Area Coordinator monitored our class and the performance of section/group members during the exposure activity.
13. Everyone in our section/group was able to perform and complete her/his tasks in C1 activities.
14. If opportunity arises, I’m still willing to do community service for poor and deprived communities.
15. This course helped me relate the local community issues I’ve seen in our partner area with the broader national & global issues.
16. Our classroom facilitator always summarized the discussions and agreements in class.
17. Host families were well prepared (oriented about CWTS) and available during our exposure trip.
18. Nobody did tasks that should have been done by another person in our group/section.
19. I find my experience in this course fulfilling and meaningful.
20. This course helped me understand the plight of the marginalized sectors in society.
21. Our classroom facilitator ensured that there was time for us to share and discuss our learnings every CWTS session.
22. The members of the local organization/community were present, gave feedback and raised concerns during our exposure activity.
23. Our section/group worked well together.
24. This course has strengthened my belief that students like me could contribute in the empowerment of poor and marginalized communities/sectors.
25. This course equipped me with the basic knowledge about community development and project planning.
26. This course inspired me to respond to the needs of the marginalized.
27. This course stirred me to promote social values inspired by the life and works of St. John Baptist de La Salle.
What C1 module did you like best? Why?
What C1 module did you find least interesting? Why?
What do you think is the best lesson you have learned in this class?

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